19/07/2018 - 15:19

Fund raising for the secondary investment participation in ICO Telegram

The platform Antares.Capital was launched 01.03.2018 (March 1, 2018) in 5 months, without active advertising, using only the affiliate program, targeted contextual advertising, and the base of customers-investors; the fund was able to raise all 100% of the planned fee amount for investment participation in the Telegram project. More than $6,093,000 (102%) of the target sum of $6,000,000 is in Antares Capital’s accounts. 

In this brief financial statement, we’d like to note that we have raised 192.69 Bitcoin, 173.92 Ethereum, and 296.55 BitcoinCash; additionally, over $4,328,000 has been raised and converted in fiat currencies – US dollars and euro, including USDT cryptocurrency. At the moment, part of the cryptocurrency has been sold and fixed in US dollars in Antares Capital’s accounts. Cryptocurrency balances will be converted in US dollars until 19.07.2018. The sum of 102% brings Antares Capital closer to concluding agreements with funds for the right to receive the future token GRAM. The work of the ICO Telegram pool has been completed.

Geography of investors. There are over 5,900 active clients on the platform Antares.Capital; the geography of their location confirms the high interest in investments in Telegram and directly in the format of cooperation through the fund pool. A large influx of investors from Russia, the United States, Germany, Canada, Ukraine, Belarus, Cyprus, Latvia, China, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Spain, Poland, Belgium, France, Lithuania, Turkey, Greece, Austria, and Israel is worth noting. Large investors from such countries as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Norway, Luxembourg, Singapore, and Hong Kong also demonstrate significant activity. 

We are pleased to announce the implementation of the first phase of our activities’ purpose in the format of a pool of investors for investments in the future Telegram (GRAM) token. The constant contact with our customers showed directions for strengthening the working processes of the fund; we have tested the marketing and financial mechanisms of cooperation with the customers. We'd like to thank all our customers for their trust in Antares Capital; the trust is expressed in the practical interest in the pool and its work, financial indicators, and mutually beneficial proposals. We are glad to see legal entities as our first customers on Antares.Capital.

Currently, Antares.Capital is looking for the next high-quality and long-term ICO to collect another pool for our investors and customers. It also conducts final legal work on fixing GRAM tokens within the ICO Telegram investment pool.

Antares Capital’s team